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In Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization is a type of assisted reproductive technology (ART) commonly referred to as IVF. It is a process of fertilization where an egg is combined with sperm outside the body, in vitro (“in glass”). The process involves monitoring and stimulating a woman’s ovulatory process, removing the eggs from the woman’s ovaries and letting sperm fertilize them in a liquid in a laboratory. The fertilized egg is implanted after 2-6 days of culture in lab in the woman’s uterus with the intention of establishing a successful  pregnancy.

Which couples may need IVF?

How does the IVF process work?

There are five basic steps in the IVF and embryo transfer process:

What are risks associated with IVF?

What is success rate of IVF?

The success rate of IVF clinics depends on a number of factors including reproductive history, maternal age, the cause of infertility, and lifestyle factors. It is also important to understand that pregnancy rates are not the same as live birth rates.

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