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A Message From Our Founder

Often, during my career, we have discussed the characteristics we want to see in our place of practice/centre and we have strived to make changes accordingly. Also, over the years the love and feedback from my patients have served as an inspiration to continue forward.So, a dream was born and realised through PHS FERTILITY – IVF & WOMENCARE.

While fertility treatments can be challenging, we strive to provide the best possible treatment in a supportive and comfortable environment.We hope that our quality driven, evidence-based patient centred treatment will help you achieve what you want.I welcome you to PHS family and thank you for placing your trust in us.

We value your trust

Dr. Prajnanika Gurung

Managing Director

Welcome to

PHS Fertility IVF

PHS Fertility – IVF & WOMENCARE was established with a vision to be centre of excellence in field of fertility as well as allied women healthcare providing quality care under one roof which is affordable, accessible and provided in empathetic and transparent manner.


To be a leading center of excellence, making parenthood dreams a reality through advanced treatments and unwavering commitment.


Our Mission is to deliver high-quality care under one roof, making it affordable, accessible, and provided in an empathetic and transparent manner.


Our values are central to who we are and what we do:
• Patient First: Respect values and needs of each and every patient.
• Passion for Excellence and Innovation – Aspire to provide the latest evidence based Advanced Treatments.
• Team Effort: Inclusive and progressive environment where every team member is sensitized to patient care.
• Engage and Empower

What is PHS?


The patience and persistence of couples or individuals struggling with fertility issues is admirable and we salute their strength and fortitude. Personalised care is our cornerstone. We know that every patient’s journey is unique and at PHS Fertility, we use our experience and expertise to tailor that journey as per your needs, balance what you desire with what is required.


Hope is what defines every couple. Hope is made possible at PHS. Every couple must be able to fulfil their dream of having a child. We hope to provide the care every aspiring parent deserve.


Success is culmination of all the efforts of our team and yourself. We endeavour to be your trusted partner in your journey to fulfil your dreams We aim to provide latest cutting-edge technology along with personalized care to give you the best possible choice to achieve your dream of parenthood.

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What Makes Us Unique

Personalized care

Treatment tailored to your needs. We respect your values and wishes

Support & Compassion

Experience the difference in hands of our caring experts

Global Standards

Experience Quality & Excellence

High Success rates

Expert fertility care with State of art LAB

Specialist andrology Services

Offers comprehensive and expert care for male reproductive and sexual health issues.

Committed expertise

Overcome Challenges with PHS

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