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Fertility Assessment Panel

A successful patient treatment journey begins with a good medical team who will properly assess your problem followed by appropriate testing.At PHS fertility IVF & Women Care, we have comprehensive fertility assessment panel for couples trying to conceive.This involves a thorough medical history and examination followed by appropriate testing in both male and female partners. The results of the assessment will help to design a treatment plan together with patient.A proper initial workup for an infertile couple is crucial as it gives the couple theopportunity to select the right kind of fertility treatment.

Female Fertility Assessment

Female Fertility Assessment involves

  • Hormonal Assay

    Blood hormone levels are mainly done to assess our ovarian reserve (egg count) and reproductive capacity. It is also done if you have symptoms of hormonal fluctuations like excessive hair growth, irregular cycles, reduced libido, etc

  • Blood work

    Mainly done to assess if you are having any medical conditions such as diabetes, thyroid, etc which may affect your fertility as well as pregnancy outcome. Routine testing of STIs is done.

  • Genetic assay

    This is done if there is suspicion of genetic condition or repeated miscarriages

  • Transvaginal Sonography (TVS)

    TVS is an invaluable tool in evaluating female fertility. It is safe and effective, easily available. A single TVS can reveal many information as to egg count, endometrial lining, and whether there is any ovarian cyst, fibroid or tubal disease. We can also document path to ovulation with follicular monitoring and detect your fertility window.

  • Advanced 3 D Pelvic scan

    An advanced 3 D imaging of pelvic organs will help in accurate imaging of uterine cavity. The better and enhanced visualisation is used to diagnose intrauterine problems, detect uterine anomalies, assess blood flow, and sometimes detect pathology missed on normal TVS scan

  • Tubal Patency Testing

    Fallopian tubes is where the sperm fertilises the egg and disease of tubes may hinder fertilisation thereby causing infertility. Tubal patency testing can be done via ultrasound (sonosalpingogram) or radiograph (hysterosalpingogram).s

Male Fertility Assessment

Male fertility Assessment usually involves:

  • Semen Analysis Routine and Advanced

    A semen analysis is usually done after 2-5 days of abstinence to check the count, motility and structure/morphology. Advanced analysis will further assess the semen quality under high-end microscope to diagnose the possible cause of infertility

  • Hormonal assay:

    It is not regularly done unless there is a nil sperm count, severe sperm defects on routine analysis, or any sign of hormonal deficiency on the clinical checkupoutcome. Routine testing of STIs is done.

  • Blood work

    Routine testing for STIs and workups for medical conditions like diabetes, hypothyroid which may affect fertility.

  • Genetic testing

    This is done if there is suspicion of genetic condition or repeated miscarriages.

  • DFI

    DNA Fragmentation Index (DFI) may be done if you are having repeated treatment failures or very poor samples to detect DNA Damage to sperm

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