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Women Wellness

Women Wellness

Health of families and communities are no doubt, tied to the health of women and by ensuring they have access to quality care also can lead to improved health for children and families.Despite this, women’s health is often ignored and treatment is delayed. In women’s health, reproductive and hormonal problems, gastrointestinal stress, bone health, and urinary incontinence are some common problems. The main focus of women’s wellness is on those aspects concerning their well-being including physical, emotional and social aspects.

Health begins with Heris an initiative born out of a need for more holistic approach to fertility care expanding to encompass to all aspects of women care. The program focuses on personalized treatment of the whole woman with an understanding of medical conditions and healthy practices from adolescence, through her reproductive years, into her menopause.

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Adolescent Health, Sexual Wellbeing And Counseling

Adolescents experience rapid health transitions involving physical, emotional as well as cognitive domains. Choices made during adolescence can develop into repeated habits that continue into adulthood, including both healthy and unhealthy behaviors. Common health problems of a teenager include puberty, body image, nutrition, substance use, mental
health and sexual health.


Reproductive Health

Good sexual and reproductive health is important for a women’s general health and wellbeing. It ensures correct reproductive choices, avoids STIs (sexually transmitted Infections), prevents infertility and improves overall health of the woman. Common reproductive issues are menstrual problems, fertility, contraception and chronic problems like PCOS and endometriosis.



Menopausal Health

As women age, there is gradual slowing of reproductive cycle before it finally stops. The fluctuations in female hormone estrogen leads to symptoms unique to this age and makes women more prone to certain conditions like heart diseases and poor bone health. Many women with decrease fertility and poor ovarian reserve may experience early menopause increasing their health risks.


Miscarriage Clinic

Miscarriage may be a traumatic experience for the couple and their immediate family more so if they were suffering from infertility. There is a strong need for specialist services, focusing not only on diagnostic and preventive aspects, but also on overall mental health of the couple. Usually, we start looking into reasons once a couple has more than 2-3 miscarriages. But more often than less, it is important to minimize chances of repeat miscarriage as the couple may not have many chances at pregnancy.


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