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Donar Egg

Donor Egg

Donor sperm, eggs or embryos give some couples or single

women their only chance of having a baby.

If the women is unable to produce eggs due to any reason or is unable to produce healthy embryos due to poor quality eggs, then IVF with donor eggs can help.

Using donated eggs is a suitable option for women:

Where are donor eggs sourced from?

Donor eggs used in the IVF cycle are sourced from
As per government guidelines, information about the couple and the donors are kept confidential and the donor is provided general insurance coverage for the procedure by the intending couple

Who can be an Egg Donor?

Eggs can be donated by

What is the process of Donor egg IVF?

The donor completes the diagnostic tests, completes the questionnaires and waits to be matched with a family. As per regulations, the egg donor is anonymous and undergoes rigorous medical testing prior to selection.  Even though the match is made keeping in mind the phenotypic characteristics of the couple, the couple’s personal wishes as well as any additional requirements are always taken into account. Once the match is made and the intended family is ready, the fresh donor goes through an egg retrieval cycle timed in accordance with the intended family’s needs. Meanwhile the woman usually receives some hormonal tablets for endometrial preparation. The eggs retrieved from the donor are then fertilized using sperm from male partner and the embryo is transferred 3-5 days post fertilization. Vitrified Eggs may also be procured form the clinic (if they have their own egg bank) or from external egg bank as per the requirements given by the couple.

The success rate of IVF/ICSI using donor egg treatment is directly related to the age of the donor, and the number and quality of the donated eggs.

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