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Ovulation Induction

Ovulation Induction

Ovulation induction is the stimulation of ovulation by medication. 30 to 40% of infertile women have problems with ovulation. An egg has to be released from the ovary each month in the middle of the cycle to have the opportunity to be fertilized in the tube and subsequently implant in the uterus to develop into a pregnancy.

Medications used for ovulation induction

Ovulation induction is the process of regulating a woman’s reproductive hormones in order to improve the likelihood of ovulation. Among the most widely prescribed drugs are:

Who could benefit from ovulation induction

Doctors frequently consider the following factors when deciding whether or not to utilise ovulation induction:

“Ovulation Induction process is safe, generally does not require any invasive procedures or tests, and often works wonders even for couples who have unsuccessfully tried for years to get pregnant.”

Medications are started between second to fifth day of your menstrual cycles after a baseline scan. Ovulation monitoring can be done at home with urinary LH kits or by your doctor by ultrasound (follicular monitoring). If ultrasound monitoring is done then usually an ovulation trigger injection is given once the follicle reaches a desired size. 

Success rates dependon a woman’s age, diagnosis, and duration of infertility and associated male partner problems. It usually produces pregnancy rates of 10% to 20% per cycle.Among women with certain ovulatory disorders, ovulation induction treatment may even restore normal fertility rates of 20% to 25% per month.

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