Sonography is a diagnostic medical test that uses high-frequency sound waves, or ultrasound waves, to create images of tissues, glands, organs, and blood or fluid flow within the body. This test is also referred to as an ultrasound or sonogram.

A transducer, a device used in sonography, is placed on the skin’s surface to transmit ultrasonic waves while simultaneously listening for an echo. The ultrasonic waves are converted into images by a computer. Structures in the image can be seen, measured, and recognised by a qualified technician. A healthcare professional then interprets the photos to assist in the diagnosis of the current issue or condition.

Purpose of Sonography

This imaging technique is used for examining the abdomen without a skin incision. Abdominal ultrasound test can diagnose :

Is The Technique Safe?

Imaging methods with a risk of complications are favoured over sonography. Radiation is not used in the procedure. The patient is exposed to high doses of radiation during the CT scan procedure. Additionally, extremely powerful magnets are used in MRI imaging to acquire images. Patients with metal implants cannot undergo MRIs.

Sonography tests are performed on the skin’s surface, and they are not known to have any side effects. The ultrasound waves are thought to be safe. There is a potential that tissues will be damaged if exposed to ultrasonic waves for an extended period of time. However, the sonographer employs methods to shorten the exposure time while the computer modifies the sound wave’s power. Therefore, compared to other imaging procedures, sonography is generally harmless


The procedure will be completed in less than 30 minutes. The procedure will be done either at the hospital, imaging centers, or obstetric offices. Normally you need to undergo sonography with blood tests. In the case of an emergency, the sonography test will be carried out right away without any delay.
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